Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Some new images and news

Exciting times are ahead for the Movement Project as many things have been happening behind the scenes as we chip away at the planning stage of this book.

First, here is a little more detail about what the project is all about.

Who: Photographer Daniel T Jester, Dancer/Teacher/Studio Owner Victoria Bengard, and Professional Dancer/Instructor Agatha Wright. also included will be many local dancers of varying ages, experience levels, and genres.

What: A Photo Book that will highlight local area dancers and explore their own personal journeys. In addition to the book , the project will have a web page that will have it's own exclusive content including video interviews, outtakes and images not used in the book. The project will be funded using the crowd sourcing web site Kickstarter.com (Currently the project is not open to accepting pledges).

When: Book will be completed in March of 2013. Currently we are in the planning stages. Meetings with key dancers and technical consultants have been scheduled. First order of business is to create a video explaining the project to post on Kickstarter.com. This will help us reach out to people interested in pledging money to make this project a reality.

Where: Riverside, CA and the surrounding areas.

Why: This is an opportunity for many people from varying artistic backgrounds to come together and create something to showcase their talent, passion, and hard work. The Riverside area has a vibrant arts/performing arts community, and this will be a way to showcase that.

How: With your help! Funding to complete this project will be collected through Kickstarter.com with pledges from people like you! All of the dancing, photography, videography, and web work will be done by local area artists who are passionate about what they do.

That sums up what this project is about. Below is a concept image/mock up to give you an idea of the creative direction of the book.

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