Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Popular Photography and a backer update

The blog has been a little neglected since the project was launched on Kickstarter, so here is a little update: First things first, our Kickstarter project was made a staff pick once we launched, and can be found on the staff picks page at

So far 13 backers have pledged a total of $661. We still have a ways to go to hit the goal, but we are off to a good start.

In other exciting news, a photo of Victoria we shot for the project was selected as one of 25 Best Shots of April 2012 at Popular Photography Magazine's website Included in that gallery are some pretty amazing shots, so take some time to check that out.

That's it for this update, please check out our Kickstarter page and share it with everyone you know. Kickstarter fundraising is all or nothing, so if we don't hit our goal, we get nothing.

Thanks for your support!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

We have officially launched!

Today our Kickstarter project was approved and officially launched and is open to accepting pledges!

In return for backing the project, you can get many awesome rewards, such as limited edition copies of the book, prints, calendars and more!

Check out our Kickstarter page and consider becoming a backer.