Monday, April 23, 2012

A project update and a quick story...

Our unofficial deadline for releasing our Kickstarter video was last week and obviously that didn't happen, but it didn't happen for a really good reason. While researching other photography projects on Kickstarter, we came across and project that not only very interesting, but it would have to include a beloved attraction here in Riverside.

For the past 10 years, Carl Weese has been photographing Drive In Movie Theaters throughout America. He has photographed both old, defunct drive-ins as well as theaters that are still in use today. This is a decade long project that Carl has every intention of completing, but now the timeline just got shortened, big time.

Recently some movie studios decided that it would no longer be sending out print film as of January 2013. That means if a theater wants to be able to show movies from that studio, they will have to convert to a digital projection system, which is estimated to cost around $75,000 per screen. This cost can mean going out of business for small, family owned drive-ins who tend to operate on shoe-string budgets. They just don't have the money to make the conversion.

For Carl, this means that he has until January 2013 to photograph the remaining drive-in theaters in America, before they disappear forever. This what his Kickstarter project aims to allow him to do.

Now, why did I spend all that time outlining Carl's project for you? I reached out to Carl via email to let him know that I really loved his project, and that here in Riverside we have a drive-in that not only is still operating, but was able to remodel and upgrade its projection system back in 2006. I wanted to make sure that this drive-in was on his list of places to shoot.

We got to talking and he gave me some really great tips on how to successfully put together a Kickstarter video that people will respond to. It's also important to mention that his project was fully funded in about a day, so his advice is certainly something I should consider.

With his tips in mind I decided to spend a little more time re-editing my video in a way that I think will be more effective, get more people engaged, and make this project more likely to succeed in raising our full budget. Within the next two weeks, I expect to have a video that will work very well and we can launch our page on Kickstarter.

How can you help? As always, spread the word. Share this blog, along with our Facebook Page. People can't support our effort if they do not know about it.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Video! Preview Shoot with Gelsey Laurie

A couple of weeks ago I got to shoot with professional dancer and aerialist Gelsey Laurie (the product of that shoot was posted here). In addition to the dance shots, we did a short interview and shot some behind the scenes video.

Check out the preview video here:

This video illustrates the story that we are trying to tell with this project. There are some amazing dancers in our community, each with their own history and background. Through this project, we want to show that to you.